The Tech Showcase is an opportunity for MIT Energy Conference attendees and the general public alike to see the topics from the MIT Energy Conference come to life through engaging demonstrations, presentations, and talks with some of the most innovative groups in energy. The booth-style set up for this event provides for engaging and personalized interaction between attendees and presenters who are showcasing exciting energy technologies and ideas. Featuring demonstrations such as a superconducting magnetic track, solar electric vehicles, and energy optimization simulations, the Tech Showcase is a fun and informative setting for all to explore Tough Tech & The 2040 Grid. The Tech Showcase is free and open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis starting at 5pm.

Tech Showcase presenters span the following four categories: Powering the Future, Energy & Its Forms, Energy Technology, and Energy & Society

Powering the Future

Commonwealth Fusion Systems in conjunction with the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center will demonstrate elements of their fusion technology in the following displays — magnetic levitation, superconductors, plasma discharge, 3D tour of Alcator C-Mod and a life-sided rendering of SPARC. We invite you to witness how this collaboration is leading the charge on fusion.

Join us as Avangrid presents their airborne LiDAR, DRONES, and Smart Grid technologies. Through applied R&D projects such as the ones listed above, Avangrid is able to leverage some of the most innovative technologies of today in order to design and manage the energy systems of tomorrow.


Energy & Its Forms


Polyjoule, a Cambridge-based startup and a member of the MIT Startup Exchange, is leveraging chemical technologies to develop long-term solutions to energy storage. Come see firsthand what they are doing to make long-term storage a reality.

Have you ever wondered how solar panels are mounted? Tessolar will be showcasing their 7’ x 4’ solar rack mounting panels to demonstrate how we are able to most effectively capture the power of the sun.

Toledo Solar


Energy Technology

Shell TechWorks, located here in Cambridge, will be demonstrating their Artificial Reality (AR) headsets, which participants will have the opportunity to try on for themselves. Check out how Shell is using technologies such as AR to change the way in which we do energy.

Learn how this Greentown Labs partner is making key predictions in energy and the environment through their satellite-based machine learning methods. In applying AI to the forefront of the energy and sustainability landscape, Upstream Tech seeks to provide the most comprehensive treatment of how we understand the world’s water-energy-food nexus.

Acoustic Wells


Energy & Society

The mission of the Women’s Energy Network is to educate and empower women in the energy industry. Join us as they speak about their projects to diversify the energy industry and provide more opportunities to women through education, empowerment, and networking opportunities.

The MIT D-Lab is dedicated to providing low-cost energy solutions to those that need them most. Through technologies such as evaporation coolers and sensors, the MIT D-Lab will demonstrate the potential we have to dramatically shape the energy landscape of the developing world.