The 2019 MIT Energy Conference will dive deep into electricity, with emphasis on longterm thinking and the role of tech.

Power grids are changing. Generation and distribution are changing. A defining challenge of our time is how to steer these changes to minimize environmental harm and maximize affordable energy access. What should power grids look like in 2040? Agreement is not universal. Reasonable, intelligent people disagree on how and whether to promote rooftop solar and other distributed resources, on the role for nuclear in a low-carbon future, on the benefits of electric vehicles and self-driving cars, on the need for new utility business models, and on many other energy issues. At the 2019 MIT Energy Conference, these people will debate and share the reasons behind their disagreements.

At the same time, this will not be your grandfather's stodgy industry energy conference. We will do what MIT does best: provide a forward-looking futuristic perspective on power grids that dares us all to dream big. Economical fusion, batteries that store energy for 100+ hours, virtual power plants, carbon capture. These are just a few of the techs that will be featured at the Conference. We call them tough tech: tech that is tough to commercialize but can have large impact in the long run. How best to accelerate tough tech and get to low-emission affordable energy sooner? We will hear answers from the world's leaders in cleantech venture capital and incubation.

Last but not least, don't tell anyone, but we plan to have some fun. At the Clean Energy Prize Finals, 4 finalist start-ups will pitch their business plans to the live audience and win 200K in awards. Commonwealth Fusion Systems will describe their potentially revolutionary fusion technology and demo superconducting magnets at the Tech Showcase, alongside 30 other presenters. And, for the grand finale, 1 lucky attendee will win a ticket to Mars alongside Elon Musk, and/or a ticket to Toscanini’s Ice Cream parlour.¹

You are warmly invited to join the conversation! Tickets are available here. Only ~60 of ~600 tickets remain as of February 28th, so please make sure to get one if you are interested!

Footnote 1) Mars has been canceled.