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This year we ask:
What will power grids look like in 2040? What should they look like?

Will fusion revolutionize electricity production?
Will solar and wind grow from 7% to over 30% of global power?
Will energy storage and grid expansion tame intermittency?
How can utilities simultaneously decarbonize and adapt to distributed generation and electric vehicles?
How can start-ups and policymakers help them?
How will the electrification of transport and heating impact the role of oil and natural gas?
How can venture capital foster not only digital start-ups but also tough tech, such as long duration batteries?
Will better designs and policy buoy nuclear fission reactors?
How best to harness the cheapest power source of all, energy efficiency?

These questions and more will be explored at the 2019 MIT Energy Conference: Tough Tech & The 2040 Grid.

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