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As the largest student-led energy conference in the U.S., the MIT Energy Conference has become a premier event to connect professionals, policymakers, academics, and students in the energy industry.

More changes have occurred in the global energy sector in the past decade than in the 100 years prior. In its 13th edition, the MIT Energy Conference explored enabling technologies for the future of clean energy, energy digitization, and existing energy infrastructure.

Each year we bring together leaders and visionaries from industry, government, the scientific community, and the private sector that are looking at the entire value chain in a holistic way and can speak about and debate the development of complex changes, which are redefining the future of energy worldwide.


-The MIT Energy Conference Team


Official Launch of Taming the Sun by Varun Sivaram

The 2018 MIT Energy Conference is proud to have Varun Sivaram's book Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet officially launched at the conference.

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