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A virtual power plant (VPP) provides the same services as a single centralized power plant. To create a VPP, an operator manipulates and combines power output from many small, separate generators and storage systems. Using VPPs, Stem and other companies have proven that distributed energy storage can benefit not only the storage-host but also the larger power grid. However, until recently, “distributed” has meant commercial and industrial scale. Sunrun, the US leader in rooftop solar, is changing that. In February 2019, Sunrun won a bid to provide 20 megawatts of power capacity to the New England ISO, by combining output from 5000 home battery-plus-solar systems in 2022. The leader of this effort is Dr. Audrey Lee. In Virtual Power Plants Get Real, Dr. Lee will discuss this unprecedented project and the broader potential for home-based VPPs to change and benefit power grids. In the future, will virtual power plants grow to provide significant power to utilities and reduce the need to build new transmission and centralized power plants? You are warmly invited to join the conversation.

Audrey Lee  VP of Energy Services - Sunrun   Bio

Audrey Lee
VP of Energy Services - Sunrun