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Smart Grid

tackling dynamic supply and demand

The U.S. grid currently provides power to nearly all of its 320 million residents and has a capacity of over 4,000 TWh/yr. Facing aging infrastructure and increasing variable power supply, utilities must adapt, reinvent, or be replaced. Globally, the World Bank estimates 15% of the population, equivalent to 1 billion individuals, still does not have access to electricity. Thought leaders have proposed that microgrids, powered by renewable energy, could be essential in electrifying the global population. Others are focused on blockchain, internet of things (IoT), deep learning, demand response, and battery storage. How do we leverage these technologies to build more resilient and flexible power infrastructure? How do we reinvent the way power is delivered and managed? Are smart microgrids our global future? This panel will explore the ideas and technologies that inform the future design of global power distribution and management.


Edward Young (Moderator)

Director of Strategy - National Grid

Edward is director of strategy at National Grid with primary focus on the US business. National Grid serves gas and electric customers in the UK and US. He previously held strategy roles at InterGen, a global independent power producer, and energy consulting firm IHS Markit. Edward is a graduate of Harvard, MIT, London and Oxford.

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Andy Haun

Microgrids CTO - Schneider Electric

During his 33 career with Schneider Electric, Andy has led a variety of key product development and technical innovations and is currently responsible for driving technology roadmaps necessary to simplify the deployment of solutions within the new energy landscape. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University Iowa and an MBA from Duke University.

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John D. McDonald

Smart Grid Business Development Leader - GE

John D. McDonald, P.E., is Smart Grid Business Development Leader for GE Power’s Grid Solutions business. John has 43 years of experience, is a Life Fellow of IEEE, and received his B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. (Power Engineering) degrees from Purdue University, and an M.B.A. (Finance) degree from the University of California-Berkeley.

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Bill Southworth

Managing Director - The Digital Microgrid Initiative Corporation

Bill Southworth has been involved with electronics start-ups and fast growth companies since the 1970’s. Later in his career he is credited for introducing DSL broadband to Boston, the first MIDI sequencer on the Macintosh and co-founder and Executive Director of the MIDI Manufacuturers Association, and the first UNIX port with a graphic UI, which was later sold to Apple as AUX. Bill is currently Managing Director of The Digital Microgrid Initiative, a public benefit start-up company focused on off-grid energy independence.

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