Scraping the Barrel:

Sustaining Oil & Gas Development at Historically Low Prices

Balance of Power on the Grid:

Managing the Changing Mix of Generation Assets

Policy Headwinds and Tailwinds:

Implications of domestic and global policy events

Everything Old is New Again:

Legacy Technologies in New Applications

Hardening the Grid:

Grid Reliability in the Face of Cyber and Physical Threats

Infrastructure Buy-In:

Social and Financial Drivers in Infrastructure Change

Realizing the Promise of Storage:

Integrating and Creating Value from Storage

Brownfield vs. Greenfield:

Global Redevelopment vs. New Development Strategies


Terawatts vs. Terabytes:

Leveraging Data and Analytics for Reliability and Efficiency

Public-Private Partnerships:

Joining Forces Across Sectors for Better Outcomes

Getting from A to B in Transportation:

New Modes, New Fuels, and New Models

The Engaged Ratepayer:

The Customer as an Active and Informed Participant in Energy