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The Future of Mobility

electric vehicles and beyond

Accounting for nearly 20% of the world’s energy consumption, the modern transportation sector plays a critical role in the contemporary energy matrix. With energy demand for transportation expected to grow significantly as middle classes in developing economies expand, the future challenges facing the sector are clear. Mobility is an important economic factor, too, as a means of providing the goods and services that are critical to everyday life. Yet, modern cities are often noisy, congested, and polluted, and many urban residents spend hours of their day locked in traffic. Rarely does the reality of what is available match the public’s desire for safe, clean, and economical transportation. So, how will these concerns be addressed in the years ahead? Innovative technologies like autonomous transportation and electric vehicles present exciting opportunities, but will they truly create the drastic changes in mobility systems that are needed? This panel will explore new technologies and visions for meeting our increasing needs for transportation in a sustainable manner


Randall Field (Moderator)

Executive Director, Mobility of the Future - MIT Energy Initiative

Randall Field is Executive Director for the Mobility of the Future study at MIT. This study is investigating how new technologies, alternative fuels, advanced powertrains, disruptive business models and government policies will change the transportation system, the vehicle fleet and the consumption of various fuels over the decades ahead.

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MAk Joshi

Director of Product Strategy, EcoStruxure IoT Platform - Schneider Electric

Mak is a seasoned technology and product strategy professional who has regularly advised globally dispersed high-caliber teams on a breadth of business challenges. At Schneider Electric, he provides strategic direction for their EcoStruxure Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. Previously, Mak has actively lead technology development and product management efforts within high-growth start-ups in the Energy/Cleantech sector. He was invited to the White House in 2012 for a showcase event on Innovative Grid Modernization technologies. His clients have included clean energy start-ups, government organizations and major Utilities. Through leveraging his business and technology expertise, Mak has repeatedly helped deliver differentiation via innovation, collaboration and strong customer partnerships.



Apurba Sakti

Research Scientist - MIT Energy Initiative

Apurba Sakti is a Research Scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative. Prior to MIT, Sakti was a graduate research assistant in the Vehicle Electrification Group at Carnegie Mellon University while completing his Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy. For his doctoral dissertation, Sakti worked on the design and cost of Li-ion batteries and the associated public policy implications for personal vehicle electrification. At MIT, Sakti is focusing on different techno-economic aspects of energy storage systems.



JAmes D. Worden

Partner - LightSpeed Energy

James Worden was co-founder and CEO of Solectria Corporation from 1989-2005, a manufacturer of electric & hybrid vehicles & components. From 2005-2017, Worden was CEO & co-founder of Solectria Renewables (later Yaskawa Solectria Solar), a Photovoltaic Inverter manufacturer. Worden is a graduate of MIT and founded MIT’s Solar Car Team.

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