Tough Tech & The 2040 Grid

This year we ask:
What will power grids look like in 2040? What should they look like?

Will fusion revolutionize electricity production?
Hear from the world’s two leading fusion companies and see them present in our Tech Showcase.

Will solar and wind grow from 7% to over 30% of global power? Will energy storage and grid expansion tame intermittency?
Hear from developers of the world’s largest solar projects, engineers of the world’s longest duration batteries, and operators of the world’s “windiest” grids.

How can utilities both decarbonize and adapt to electric vehicles and distributed generation? How can start-ups and policymakers help them?
Hear from leading experts on utility business models, question a panel of founders from digital energy start-ups, and watch the finals of the world’s largest student-run energy start-up competition.

Will better reactor designs and policy buoy nuclear fission?
How will electrification of transport and heating impact the roles of oil and natural gas?
How can venture capital foster not only digital start-ups but also tough techs like long duration batteries?
How can companies profitably bring electricity to people whom the grid does not reach?
How best to harness the cheapest power source of all, energy efficiency?

These questions will be explored at the 2019 MIT Energy Conference: Tough Tech & The 2040 Grid.

We warmly invite you to join the conversation!
Until February 1st, tickets can be purchased here for a 20% early bird discount.

Speakers & Presenters include:
Greentech Media’s Energy Gang: Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, & Jigar Shah
Katie Rae, CEO of The Engine
Commonwealth Fusion Systems
General Fusion
Ralph Izzo, CEO of PSEG
Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs
Form Energy
Antje Danielson, Co-Founder of Zipcar, Education Director of the MIT Energy Initiative
Chris Matthews, Energy Reporter at the Wall Street Journal
Peter Fox-Penner, CSO of Energy Impact Partners, Director of BU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, former Chairman of The Brattle Group
• Amy Francetic, MD of Energize Ventures
Martha Broad, Executive Director of the MIT Energy Initiative
Robert Armstrong, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative
Carl Stjernfeldt, North America Venture Manager at Shell Ventures
The Clean Energy Prize Finals
Ravi Manghani, Director of Energy Storage at Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables
Paul Denholm, Senior Energy Analyst at NREL
Francis O’Sullivan, SVP of Strategy at Lincoln Clean Energy
Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship
MIT Startup Exchange
• and many more.
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