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Clean Energy Matrix Around the World

sustainable energy infrastructure

The current global energy matrix relies heavily on fossil fuels. As the demand for energy and concern about the environmental impact grow, the need for a more diversified and cleaner energy matrix has intensified and changes are underway throughout the world. Broadening the global energy mix poses several challenges including technological hurdles and cost concerns. What are the current initiatives underway as countries invest in their energy matrix? What can we learn from those countries which have achieved an almost 100% renewable energy balance? What are the potential challenges, opportunities and effective strategies to facilitate the world’s transition toward a cleaner energy matrix? This panel will explore perspectives from a diversity of players in sustainable energy infrastructure who will showcase their experience in promoting clean energy technologies in a variety of applications and throughout the world.


Scott Burger (Moderator)

PhD Candidate and Researcher - MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society & MIT Energy Initiative

Scott Burger is a Doctoral Candidate in the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at MIT and a Technology Investment Advisor to the PRIME Coalition, a non-profit investing in early-stage ventures that promise dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Scott was named as a Future Energy Leader by IHS Markit. His work has been cited in publications ranging from The Boston Globe to Bloomberg and the New York Times.

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Kathy Ayers

Vice President, Research and Development - Proton OnSite

Dr. Kathy Ayers is VP of R&D at Proton OnSite, with technical expertise spanning multiple electrochemical technologies including water electrolysis. She has led collaborative research programs through multiple agencies, and serves on several advisory boards, including the hydrogen and fuel cells technical advisory committee to the Secretary of Energy.

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Belén Linares Corell

Innovation Director - Acciona Energy

Belén has more than 17 years of experience in the aerospace and energy industries combined, including 12 years at Siemens Gamesa as their Technical and R&D Director for wind turbine project management. Since 2016, Belén has been the R&D and Innovation Director at Acciona Energy, an electrical utility company with more than 9GW in operation. Her expertise is in engines and power plant integration. She is also the Digital Innovation Vice President of EJECON - the Spanish Association of Women Executives and CEO’s.

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Lin-wen Hu

Director, Research & Services; Senior Research Scientist - MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab

Dr. Lin-wen Hu is the Director of Research & Services and Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Nuclear Reactor Lab. She has over 20 years of experience in nuclear reactor design, safety analysis, and applications. Her current research projects include Fluoride salt-cooled High-temperature Reactor (FHR) design, modeling and safety analysis, fluoride salt and materials irradiation testing; and Transient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT) modeling and instrumentation design.

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Omar Paganini

Director, Observatory for Energy and Sustainable Development - Catholic University of Uruguay

Omar Paganini is the Vice President for Economic Affairs at the
Catholic University of Uruguay, where he founded and directs the Observatory of Energy and Sustainable Development (, an academic program aimed to produce independent analysis and research on Uruguay and the region's energy sectors. He is a professor at the School of Engineering and the School of Business of the Catholic University. Has served in public organizations related to Science, Technology and Innovation in Uruguay (National Research and Innovation Agency) and CONICYT. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

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