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transforming the energy exchange

The decentralization of power production, the emergence of microgrids, and the advent of the “prosumer” has created a need for distributed, complex, and traceable energy transactions. Advocates of blockchain say it can help energy players rise to the challenge; making transactions transparent and unalterable, resolving trust and integrity issues, and decreasing the management costs for “certificates of origin”. Longer term, blockchain can allow peer-to-peer energy trading to optimize the dispatch of load, generation, and storage. Can blockchain deliver its promise and make the electricity market more efficient and what components of the status quo will it disrupt? What are the benefits of a peer-to-peer marketplace, and how can it be enabled by blockchain? This panel will explore how Blockchain can enable the “internet of electricity”, the benefits it can provide in grid management, and what challenges lie ahead to implement peer-to-peer transactions.


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Michael Casey

Senior Advisor, Digital Currency Initiative - MIT Media Lab


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William Bubenicek

CEO - ConnectM Technology Solutions

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Lawrence Orsini

Founder - LO3 Energy

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Robert Trinnear

Managing Director, East - The Energy Authority