Bill Southworth

Managing Director - The Digital MicroGrid Initiative Corporation

Bill Southworth has been involved with electronics start-ups and fast growth companies since the 1970’s. His career began programming Navy computers for deep sea mapping at 16. He was a consultant to Harvard’s Aiken Computer Lab writing operating system software and compilers at 17, and a research staff member at MIT's MULTIC project. One of his accomplishments was a side project, MULTICS BCPL, which later, at Bell Labs, contributed to the language B and later C. At 22, Bill joined Data General Corporation, managing the software development of programming languages and operating systems.

Later in his career he is credited for introducing DSL broadband to Boston, the first MIDI sequencer on the Macintosh and co-founder and Executive Director of the MIDI Manufacuturers Association, and the first UNIX port with a graphic UI, which was later sold to Apple as AUX.

Bill is currently Managing Director of The Digital Microgrid Initiative, a public benefit start-up company focused on off-grid energy independence.

Panel: Smart Grid